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Postnatal health

Struggling after c section

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Bear486 · 21/01/2023 17:39

Had a c section two weeks ago, was home 24hrs later and been doing pretty well. I am really struggling though mentally not being able to do any thing.

My partner returns to work Monday which will leave me unable to obviously go anywhere in the day time. My Mum lives half hours drive away, so although not far not exactly five minutes around the corner. The same with most my friends, they all obviously work in the week too.

I am usually a very active person, worked full time, have horse's and now can do some washing up and care for baby but that is it.

How does everyone else cope mentally while un able to do any thing following a c-section?

Obviously my day is kept rather busy with little-one but when she is sleeping I find myself wondering what I can do. Reading, and watching TV doesn't keep me entertained for too long unfortunately.

OP posts:
9outof10cats · 21/01/2023 18:28

I have not had a C-section but an open myomectomy in my 40s - a similar surgical procedure to a c-section - except no baby at the end of it.

I lived on my own and was told I needed someone to stay with following surgery due to the advice of no heaving, lifting, driving etc., for six weeks.

I intended to stay with my mums for a week. However, she expected me to sit in a chair all day and chastised me every time I got up to walk around. I couldn't stand it, as I have always been very independent and active, so I went home after two days.

Going home and doing more for myself, in moderation, massively reduced the pain and sped up the whole recuperation process. I was back to my pre-surgical level of independence after two weeks. However, I avoided anything too strenuous, i.e. going to the gym for about four weeks and only did gentle exercise initially when I did return to exercise. I let my body dictate what I could and couldn't do.

I am not advocating doing what I did. Everyone is different, and healing times vary from person to person. The recommended post-surgical advice is only a recommendation. Some will need all this time to recover; others won't. It will probably depend on your age, general level of fitness and other medical conditions.

I was and still am very fit, having always exercised, which probably helped my muscles recover quickly. I never experienced any adverse side effects from 'not following' medical advice.

PritiPatelsMaker · 24/01/2023 16:44

How are you getting on @Bear486?

Could you do things that require a bit of organisation but are quiet activities like ordering birthday cards for the next few months and writing them out.

Bear486 · 24/01/2023 20:48


I'm doing OK today, have been rather emotinal and actually made contact with my midwife Monday over how I feel. She's been amazing, came to see me the same day and has followed up with some phone calls and another visit to me yesterday to make sure I'm OK.

I actually went for a walk to my local children's centre today, am going to go along to a class they've got on tomorrow morning for an hour. The rest of today has been pretty boring mentally sadly 😥

Doing cards like that is a good idea, I want to attempt leaving to knit so might get my partner to take me to a craft shop over the weekend to get some stuff see if that will keep me occupied.

OP posts:
PritiPatelsMaker · 24/01/2023 21:11

You've done a really good thing by reaching out to your MW. I've always found that the Mums who struggle the most are the ones that want to hide how badly they feel and are coping.

Going to the class tomorrow sounds positive too Flowers

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