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Postnatal health

Post birth incontinence help

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Yoyome · 11/12/2022 12:05

So I'm 4 weeks from giving birth.
I had an episiotomy and 2 sets of forceps (first ones failed)
I'm struggling so much mentally and physically post birth with incontinence. Im devistated and wont leave the house which is awful as I have a toddler to care for as well. (Feeling like an awful parent right now)

I'm still wearing adult nappies round the house. Once I get the urge which can come on suddenly I just wet myself no matter how hard to try to squeeze my pelvic floor muscles to stop it happening.

I've been doing my pelvic floor exercises 4 times a day for about 3 weeks now. I feel like I'm destined to stay in tena pads for the rest of my life as I don't see any improvement.

Are there any positive stories from other mums who have gone/going through this?

OP posts:
blueberry23 · 11/12/2022 12:09

I promise you it gets better. I had this after my DS. It's awful. Forceps are not an easy way to give birth and I still have some minor issues two years in but the incontinence got better quite quickly tbh.

Be gentle with yourself, it's early days and a huge physical trauma. I promise you in a months time you'll have seen a vast improvement x

Kimberz · 11/12/2022 19:27

Big hugs. Congrats on your baby.

I am 5 weeks PP and same birth experience here too. I had one 'accident' at home which freaked me out!

I do PF exercises every time I go toilet (after i'm done) its getting better but I think I have a prolapse which is bothering me more.

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