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Postnatal health

C Section Adhesion?

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Toots2412 · 02/12/2022 19:05

Hi ladies,

This is a post about a very specific issue I’m having post c section.

I had my c section on the 30th of June.
It was straight forward as far as I know and no complications during surgery.

I had a horrible time with healing. I burst open on one end and the other end was just bloody and leaky, infected at one point as well.
I poured blood 3 times,
like it wasn’t a gradual leaking it was as if something inside burst and it came out at once.
Lots of blood, leaky fluid and pain.

Anyway, my wound is now healed finally no leaking at all, some very mild pain on the incision site but that is to be expected.

About a month ago i started to have pain in my lower left abdomen that stretched towards my belly button, it’s about an inch above my scar and is 3 by 3 inches if I were to draw it on my skin.

It only hurts when I move, so sitting up moving around is sore.
Lying flat and standing or sitting upright it is not sore.
It’s also sore to touch so the skin is sensitive and painful to touch.

I took myself to the hospital, they did a blood test and sent me home because it was fine.
The next day I went to my GP who said you need to go to the hospital for a scan.
I went back to the hospital, they didn’t scan me.
Just blood tests that came back fine and they sent me home.

I have been living with this abdominal pain for over a month now and I’m wondering if it’s an adhesion? Has anyone been in this boat? What do I do?

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Toots2412 · 02/12/2022 19:07

Excuse the crazy formatting, I’m on my phone and copied from notes

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hpphhp · 02/12/2022 19:20

I've had 3 c secs and between baby 2 & 3 had developed awful adhesions onto my bladder. Luckily the surgeons spotted them so while I was cheerfully breastfeeding number 3 in theatre they asked me if I gave consent to sort them 'while they were in there' so I'm eternally grateful for that. No problems since and pre the 3 rd c sec I'd thought the internal feelings I had with pregnancy number 3 were just my body settling down but I know now it was the adhesions.
I understand that adhesions can be dealt with surgically if they are really problematic but more surgical intervention can create new adhesions.
You are still early days so if you can let your body heal and settle that may help. You e had a horrible wound experience which won't have helped things but any concerns see your GP

Onthecuspofabreakthrough · 02/12/2022 19:30

You're in pain. Go back to the doctor until you're not hurting anymore. Women don't just have to put up with this shit.

Toots2412 · 02/12/2022 19:47

Can I ask are my symptoms consistent with an adhesion? Unexplained abdominal pain only when moving and to touch on the skin? My doctors so far have said it’s period pain (LOL) IBS which I already have and I know it’s not this,
or after pains from surgery. I have been living with this pain daily for over a month. It started 4 months post section.

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Toots2412 · 02/12/2022 19:54

Trust me I did, my GP at one point told me as a way to scold me that I had contacted them
13 times for my bleeding, leaking wound. Im now having abdominal pain that in their defence
they immediately had me go to the hospitals
for but I was sent home after a blood test and I’m
1.5 months later with abdominal pain

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LED05 · 31/01/2023 00:02

Hi! Did you ever get to the bottom of this?
I had a c-section 18 months ago and I am experiencing a pain similar to yours on my lower left side.
My GP took blood last week and has referred me for a scan but she thinks it’s scar tissue from my c section.

Toots2412 · 31/01/2023 07:37


No I did not, I still have it although it is slightly better.

i think it is scar tissue

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Checkcheck12 · 14/02/2023 14:28

Hello, not quite the same issue here but I thought i would share as there are, understandably, loads of threads about what is normal in postpartum recovery. I had a c section last august which went fine, but I had really severe weird pains the first night that staff were flummoxed by, although too short staffed to see a Dr, I couldn't be given any more pain killers and every time they gave me the maximum dose of opiates it did nothing. I was alright 16 hours later though, no other complications. Healed well, no bleeding or infection etc.

I was worried about adhesions, and had a patch of tender abdomen around the end of the scar where I had all the painful nervy cramps the first night. The skin felt like it was scalded when it was touched by anything. It wasn't particularly painful but it was unpleasant, it hurt more if I wore clothes put pressure on it etc and it lasted months. I wore maternity trousers for months even though I was back to ore pregnancy weight quickly, just because they were more comfortable.

It was obviously nerve pain and after several months I was worried it would get worse or never go away. If it stayed like that I honestly could have lived my life ok, but I didn't want it to get worse.

I was physically active as soon as I was able, back to postpartun gym class and walking, nothing too wild.

Not sure when it happened but in the last month i realised the pain has gone! Had a few brief niggles yesterday which reminded me to post, but otherwise its much better.

Other unexpected post birth phenomenon... Really heavy periods and NO period pain!?! The body is a curious thing.

Anyway, I hope this is helpful for anyone that reads it.

Toots2412 · 03/03/2023 11:40


I just noticed your comment on here, glad you’re doing better.

Im also having very heavy painless periods! Usually if it was this heavy I’d be in agony but absolutely nothing

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