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Postnatal health

5.5 weeks pelvic pain worsening

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The3rdWatermelon · 28/11/2022 19:16

I’m being referred for another scan for this so not looking for medical advice, but any experiences or advice on questions I should be asking would be appreciated.

I have an intermittent sharp pain in the left side of my pelvis.

I’m 5.5 weeks postpartum. I had a rough birth with forceps, shoulder dystocia, and the placenta got stuck as well. The bruising and swelling was so bad that I couldn’t pee for a week and had to be sent home with the catheter still in place. I’ve subsequently had two nasty bouts of mastitis, and am under perinatal mental health. I’ve stopped breastfeeding as I was on the verge of self harm and had intrusive thoughts. Things are much better since moving to formula. I’m finally bonding with my baby, and she’s much happier as well.

I’m aware of after pains, but this pain has continued alongside a menstrual type pain. The menstrual sort of pain has subsided but this pain has worsened. When it peaks it takes my breath away. I had a scan at a small local hospital, was told to go into the big city hospital the same day because there was ‘significant’ retained tissue… only to be treated like a time waster at the big hospital and told I’d be bleeding more if it was retained tissue and that all women experience pain postpartum. I’ve been told to wait and see if it goes away on its own and to wait for a rescan in 2-6 weeks. In the meantime I’ve finished my antibiotics for the last mastitis and the pain has increased, although the bleeding has reduced.

I just don’t know what’s going on. None of the symptoms make sense and I don’t know what to ask or what to say to get it sorted. I’m concerned I’ll just be left with this pain. I was pretty active before pregnancy and the pain is stopping me from getting back towards being active. I just want to spend time outside comfortably!

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