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Postnatal health

PND or just sleep deprivation?

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Fluffypeach · 18/11/2022 09:21

I am desperately looking for some help and I'm not sure where to turn. My little girl is about to turn 1 and she is an absolute dream through the day but her sleeping is terrible. Over the last few weeks ive found myself losing my temper with her at night and shouting, by the morning im absolutely horrified by my behaviour because daytime me would never ever behave like that.

My husband doesn't help out much with her - i do all the night wakings, nap times, early mornings, bed times, feeding, bathing etc. He works shifts and blames that but i also work too and yet at weekends i still do 100% of the work. Ive had it out with him this week and told him im at breaking point but he genuinely thinks hes really helpful and looks at me like im insane.

I also dont have any other help - my mum looks after her while i work which is great but she works too and i would hate to lumber her with childcare more than i already do.

So basically i dont know if i contact HV or GP or is it just a matter of getting on with it? I dont feel like theres really anything anyone can do to help. Am i depressed or is this just a part of sleep deprivation?

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MissTiss · 29/01/2023 13:54

Thank you for your reply ❤️I am going to try the sertraline, hoping it works 🙏

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