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As with all health-related issues, please seek advice from a RL health professional if you're worried about anything.

Postnatal health

Constipation/pile issues

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Lcxx · 08/10/2022 20:22

Hoping some of you lovely ladies will be able to offer some advice since i’ve got myself diagnosed via dr google with bowel cancer and automatically think the worst 🙄i had constipation during pretty much the full 9 months of pregnancy (dr suspected piles or a tear in the bowel when i visitied due to noticing some blood in the stool) had a positive Qfit stool sample test for blood which i knew it would be due to seeing a touch of blood then did a repeat Qfit and it was negative so we assumed piles due to pregnancy constipation and would see how things were post birth. I’m now almost 4 weeks post partum had my little boy on Sept 13th was only in labour 2 hours he flew out it was a natural birth on zero pain relief and i kept saying during the horrific ordeal that I felt like my bum was going to explode with the obvious pressure from the baby! I’m still finding myself kinda constipated when I go to the toilet but go every day or every other day so maybe its not constipation? I think i have piles external and probably internal so the doctor gave me anusol to try i don’t have anything hanging down its more so my bum looks like a baboons on the outside veiny and swollen should anusol take all this away? Can piles cause you to feel like you need the toilet but can’t go or feels sore to go a bit? Should all this sort itself out over the next while? My doctor said use anusol and drink plenty water and excercise but i’m just a worrier and think the worst! I’m 28 with 3 kids 😊

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Girlmumma1 · 10/10/2022 11:40


I had my daughter 3 months ago via c-section. I had quite bad constipation following the section and all of a sudden got a really sore bum! It hurt to go to the toilet, and hurt when I sat at a certain angle.

I was prescribed some suppositories and they were such a relief! After about a week it felt more normal again! So I'd deffo look at suppositories/use the anusol.

I know it's not 100% the same scenario but just wanted to say that if it is piles/fissures the suppositories will help!

Hope you feel better soon, and a huge congrats on bubba!

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