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5 day post partum poo help!

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Firsttimequestionssurrey · 04/10/2022 13:08

I’m 5 days post partum with my 1st baby. I have Crohns so do usually struggle with constipation (although my pregnancy made it better!)

now 5 days PP, I’ve been taking lactulose for last 3 days (as didn’t want to “go” in hospital) last night felt need to go, I strained but nothing came out, although felt like it was right there! Throughout night ahd today, anytime I’ve tried to go, I can feel the right movement, but nothing comes out, but when I wipe there’s liquidy poo on the paper (sorry tmi)
has anybody else had this? I don’t think it’s piles as can’t feel anything there. Could it be hard stool blocking it? Will stool softeners eventually help?! Im embarrassed to see my GP about it which is why asking here for now!

OP posts:
Weathergirl1 · 04/10/2022 14:06

Hi @Firsttimequestionssurrey
Might be just really solid which is why you're struggling. I'd try a glycerine suppository - that should get it moving if it's ready.

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