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Postnatal health

Strange Awakenings PP

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CatSophie · 04/09/2022 17:54

I'm 10 days PP and we've been home for 5 nights following a brief stint in hospital. Every time I've woken up from a nap for the last week I keep having awful hallucinations that I've fallen asleep with baby and he's lifeless 😬 I guess I'm just wanting reassurance that somebody else has experienced this and that it will end at some point?! It's the most frightening thing and it takes several minutes for me to come round and realise that baby is safe in his Moses basket! I'm hoping it's just a strange hormonal thing 🙄

OP posts:
fireandsaga · 12/09/2022 15:13

it's such an intense time of people giving you so much information on safety i definitely had this worrying about sleeping while feeding and everything!
The best thing to know is that mummy instinct is real, you wake up with every movement and sniffle and i think its super normal
Its hard to shake paranoia and honestly, when you get to the stage where you sleep a little more and recover you'll feel better <3 i was so sleep-deprived i had all sorts of made-up paranoias! but i was getting 2 hours a night because my little one was tongue-tied and had colic as result, I hope that helped a little

Eek3under3 · 12/09/2022 15:18

Yep I had the same. It’s terrifying. My recurrent nightmares (that I strongly believed to be true when I woke up) were related to falling asleep and squashing/ suffocating a baby.

orangehour · 15/09/2022 01:46

YES. I frequently wake up in bed thinking I’m holding my newborn or have dropped or smothered her in my sleep and am shocked (relieved also) to find her safe in her bassinet beside me. Hormones, fatigue must both play a part. I had it with my first baby too!

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