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How to ease pain and dry up milk when stopping bf’ing?

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Pregnantthenscrewed · 10/08/2022 22:39

My LO is 5 months and I decided to quit breastfeeding 7 days ago. I had been slowly decreasing feeds for a while so I didn’t have a huge supply. But my boobs are so swollen and hard! And leaking! I have a hot shower every morning to massage them but it doesn’t seem to help? Tonight I massaged them again and noticed when I pressed down loads of milk squirted out which gave me amazing relief and they are now less hard! I am just worried that this will have stimulated my milk supply? How long until my boobs go back to normal and stop making milk? Thanks!

OP posts:
CatSeany · 10/08/2022 22:42

Just hand express until you're comfortable. To some extent it will trigger supply, but because you're only triggering a really small amount your supply will still reduce. Much better than running the risk of mastitis!

pedropony76 · 10/08/2022 22:44

First of all, cold compress asap. Ice packs or whatever you have.

The internet says to hand express just a little but it still stimulates your breasts and produces more so don’t do that (told this by my GP). I stopped expressing for DD last year when she was around 3 months. I was super engorged and ended up with mastitis.

The pain was so bad I had to call 111 and a Doctor prescribed me with domperidone. Maybe call and try and ask for that if your breasts become really painful? I tried it the natural way with cold compress and other things for 7 days but the pain was too much. Sorry I don’t have any more advice! Hope you’re okay, it’s horrible

Catclown · 10/08/2022 23:31

Have you tried putting cabbage leaves in your bra? Sounds crazy, worked for me many years ago. Hope you get some relief soon

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