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Birth certificate help

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Staceyje · 30/07/2022 20:57

Has anyone recently applied for an amendment to their child’s birth certificate? I was wondering what the amendment looks like when added to the margin of the original birth registration when reordering a birth certificate?

The registrar has added my birth surname (in space 9 on the birth certificate) and my deed poll surname (in space 9a) in 2 of my children's birth certificates, and when registering my latest child last week I was advised that this was done incorrectly and for the last birth registry (last week) the registrar only added my deed poll name in space 9 - which is the correct approach.

They have offered to correct the other 2 birth certificates but I’m just wondering whether it is worth adding this correction and how the correction will be recorded, and whether it is something I should go ahead and do as not sure how I feel about it!

Any help would be much appreciated 🙏

OP posts:
Anonymous256 · 17/08/2022 00:37

Me and my now ex partner spilt during the time I was pregnant as I found out he was cheating on me. However, we agreed to be amicable for our baby.
During our relationship he was very sly and lied a lot but I let him walk all over me as I thought I loved him and never wanted to believe it.

I am British and he is Nigerian, during our relationship (3 years) I never met his family as his dad was very traditional. He never really spoke about his family.
However, I gave birth just under a week ago and I went to his parents to take the baby to them and they were very pushy with having him circumcised which I do not want done and taking him to Nigeria. They also were telling me he has to be christened they did not ask, they were telling me. I was not comfortable with this. My ex said nothing.
I am now very worried about putting my ex on the birth certificate as I feel as though they will go behind my back, I completely understand he has a right to be on there- but I am really worried as I was made to feel very uncomfortable and as if it was just a child of their family and not mine. I don’t not trust my ex, he does not care about me at all and I feel like he will do things even if I disagree.
What would you do?

Creepymanonagoatfarm · 17/08/2022 00:42

Keep him off the bc. Wanting to mutilate your baby is good enough reason to keep him away.

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