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Postnatal health

Sleeping after C-section

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trrk · 15/07/2022 13:02

I’m 9 days C-section and still sleeping propped upright on pillows. I really want to get back to normal but I’m still finding side lying uncomfortable and I tried lying on my back but couldn’t get up again. I’m also finding it hard to get in and out of bed and our sinky couch (in a rental so hard to just replace it) while holding my baby (fine without) which is making it hard for me to feed or cuddle her without DH passing her to me. Anyone else experienced similar problems and if so when did it get better?

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Pollywoddles · 15/07/2022 13:05

I can’t remembering it taking too long before I was sleeping on my stomach again, probably 2 weeks after the section.

I just popped the baby down on the couch/bed beside me, got myself up and then picked her back up again. Same for sitting down as I really hurt myself if I didn’t lower myself down.

Noix · 15/07/2022 13:07

Are you wearing a c section support belt? I found them to be life changing with supporting your core.

trrk · 16/07/2022 09:37

Yep hanks for the tips! I don’t have a compression belt (will it make me sweaty in this weather?) but do have C-section underwear from John Lewis designed to have a compression effect.

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Wifflywafflywoo · 16/07/2022 15:10

I slept propped up for about a month afterwards. I still use a pregnancy pillow on the sofa plus tons of cushions to keep me upright for feeding and easy get ups. Could side lie in bed from about 6 weeks with no pain.

I also have done lots of scar massage and gentle stretching exercises to make sure my scar doesn't go tight.

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