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Postnatal health

Breastfeeding weaning anxiety

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Mumof2boys1girl · 12/06/2022 06:27

Has anyone experienced anxiety/ depression and or intense physical side effects from
weaning from breastfeeding? I stopped feeding my daughter at the beginning of last month after 2 years of breastfeeding. We had been winding down leading up to this and she was only on one feed a day by this point. I expected a level of personal upheaval as I experienced intense anxiety and depression when I weaning my son at 17 months but I quicklY fell pregnant with my daughter and I think that impacted my hormones. All told I have been pretty much continually pregnant or breastfeeding for 5 years so I know I will be experiencing a big change in hormones. This time I’m really struggling. I have intense anxiety/ low mood/ feelings of panic etc. my first period since weaning was HORRENDOUS- I had the worst pmt I have ever experienced and I had a terrible series of migraines (3 in 4 days) with terrible auras that took well over a week to recover from. I’m also experiencing disturbed sleep, dizziness, restlessness and hot flushes. It’s about 5 weeks since we fully weaned. I just wondered how long I can reasonably expect this to last before I need to seriously seek help (I have submitted a self referral for CBT but the wait is LOOOONG). I experienced bad post natal depression when I had my daughter and only recently weaned off of anti-depressants which I know is also likely to be at play here but also means I am keen not to re-start any medication as it was very intense adjusting to taking and then stopping these meds and the side effects were not fun! Has anyone had a similar experience?

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Ilu02155 · 18/06/2022 14:23

I am in the same boat as breastfed my daughter until she was 20 months old and gradually stopped breastfeeding. Finally weaned 2 weeks ago and I am so anxious and on edge all the time! Hoping it’ll get easier in a few weeks but I was so relieved to see your post and know I’m not alone in these feelings!
How are you feeling now? Hope it’s got easier for you x

Mumof2boys1girl · 18/06/2022 20:24

You’re definitely not alone, I thought I was going insane when I experienced similar after weaning my son and so was nervous expecting it this time round. Frantic googling suggests it can take 6-8 weeks for hormones to settle so I guess time will tell (Im currently 6 weeks in and anxiety is still HIGH). Fingers crossed things settle for both of us soon. Sending understanding hugs your way x

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Nicola8787 · 25/01/2024 08:24

How long did it take this to go? I had this whenever I dropped a feed and now I have again two weeks since fully weaning . I just can’t seem to nod off at night and if I didn’t have strong sleeping meds I’d be awake all night which has happened many times . Also loss of appetite?! Hope it got better for you

potterface29 · Today 07:49

Hi I know it’s been a while but wanted to know how your all doing? I’m experiencing the same severe anxiety at stopping breastfeeding and just need to know if it gets better?

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