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Anyone else restricted at home with baby?

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Svm1994 · 19/05/2022 06:57

I have two girls, 4 and 10 months. They are total opposites, the eldest (when she was a baby) we could go out, walk for miles, sit in the park, be a bit late with naps if we were out enjoying something, easy! Although she didn’t sleep through the night till’ she was 2..

My youngest on the other hand, we HAVE to stick to routine otherwise she will absolutely loose it. She naps 9-11 and 1-2:50 (probably longer but I’ve got a school run to do). If she’s late or misses these naps it’s screaming. You’d think that’s fine, go out, let her sleep in the car instead, or the pram, nope. She won’t sleep ANYWHERE except in her cot, not even on me! So when I go to someone’s house, I have to take a travel cot to allow her to nap otherwise we have to leave after an hour or so. I’ll add she sleeps through the night so I cling onto that!

Basically I feel so restricted. I have this 2 hour spot where I can get out, and in that time she needs lunch and a bottle. For example, my eldest has a birthday party to go to this weekend at 9:30, so my partner will stay with the youngest at home while she naps and we’ll go. Maybe I’m just looking for a ‘this will get better’ or maybe some answers? I don’t know, it’s just becoming very lonely.

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Svm1994 · 19/05/2022 07:00

I’ll also add my eldest has Ehlers Danlos Sydrome, so after school it’s impossible to take her anywhere because she’s exhausted :( she lays on the sofa until dinner, bath then bed. So I’m used to staying at home in the evenings.

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HumunaHey · 19/05/2022 07:24

Things will get better. You had an "easy baby" the first time around but babies have all types of personalities and temperaments.

At 10months, she's approaching toddlerhood, so her needs will soon be changing and she'll become more independent.

My 1st was my most challenging baby but things did get better. I will say though, I did have to gently enforce things. He would only nap on me and it took all the will in the world to get him to nap elsewhere. But he did eventually. As he got bigger, I simply couldn't have him sleep on me - I couldn't breathe well from his weight on my chest! So there was a good week of crying, trying to climb out of his cot and over tiredness. But he soon got used to it and started being a top napper😁.

Hang in there!

ShirleyPhallus · 19/05/2022 07:28

Things will definitely get better, hang in there.

Its funny cos my baby would sleep anywhere but the cot and I was very jealous of those who got to have free time because they could put the baby in the cot then walk away for a few hours! With mine she had to be rocked / car / pram / contact nap and that actually made it much more restrictive, I couldn’t nap myself for example.

I know it’s hard to hear but id make the most of it, maybe try and organise some social things with friends at your house for the time she’s napping so you get a bit more social time?

Svm1994 · 19/05/2022 07:42

I absolutely agree, my eldest was that baby that would only contact nap, while in the early days it was lovely.. after a while that also became very restrictive! I guess there is always a challenge, I’m also back to work in July and I’ll probably miss these days at home while she’s napping.

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