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Postnatal health

Periods After Birth

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AnnieMacD54 · 25/04/2022 22:01


I can see that someone has already posted a similar thread recently, but my circumstances are a little different.

I gave birth in September and had my first period at the beginning of February and that has been it. I breastfed my girl for the first 8 weeks, but due to complications wasn’t able to proceed. After this first period I’ve had nothing. We have been careful to use condoms, but a couple of times, didn’t. I did a couple of pregnancy tests (different days) after my period was late and it was negative. I still haven’t had anything. I remember after my previous 2 babies I went back to regular periods quite quickly. Is this normal to have a big gap? It’s over 3 months since my first and only period post partum

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