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Postnatal health

Back pain and breastfeeding! Doctors not helpful.......

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SunnySide1992 · 12/04/2022 09:21

Hey everyone so my daughter is currently 5.months old =) and still going strong with breastfeeding. 2 weeks ago my back suddenly was really painful! This went on for about a week, last week was fine and now Is painful again!
I told the doctor I was BF yet they still prescribed me diazepan which I will not take when I'm nursing! Ibuprofen gel didnt work atall, neither does paracetamol or Ibuprofen itself.
Any tips? I use lots of pillows when breastfeeding and lay down aswell. I think it might be from where I haven't been keeping good posture and not picking her up properly!
I keep getting muscle spasms and when I first lay down at night it's like my back stiffens and is so painful!

Anyone had similar experience? I can't Google as I just get scared!

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MrsPelligrinoPetrichor · 12/04/2022 09:23

I'd see a physio asap. Scared of what? It's more than likely pain caused by the position of bf.

SunnySide1992 · 12/04/2022 14:19

Just scared to Google as I easy read into things too much

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beattieedny · 12/04/2022 14:22

Agree with the physiotherapy. It's almost certainly a msk prob, easily remedied. Very common, especially around the pregnancy and maternity period as hormones allow extra flexibility etc.

JoeGio · 12/04/2022 14:24

I agree that seeing a physio might be a good idea. I have back pain since a car accident, so I mainly breastfed my two children in the laid back position with pillows behind me as it was much more comfortable (plus as I have massive boobs it meant less chance of smothering the baby) Grin
Hope you get support and a solution.

Garman · 17/04/2022 11:43

Go to an osteopath, physio or for a good massage. I wouldn't even think of going to a doctor for post pregnancy/breastfeeding related back pain, all they do is prescribe painkillers not deal with it in any real way.

Babyboomtastic · 18/04/2022 21:33

There were definitely positions that caused me a lot of back pain. Once i worked it what they were it helped a lot.

I can't breastfeed on my side lying down, i also have to have my feet up on a stool. Making sure body was properly supported made so much difference

Duracellbunnywannabe · 18/04/2022 21:35

See a physio. Do you cosleep? Your ligaments will still be soft from pregnancy. Try sleeping with a pillow between your knees and one behind your lower back.

Secondtimesally · 18/04/2022 22:31

Agree with pp’s about physio. Just make sure they are a Women’s Health physio as your body has changed a lot with pregnancy and childbirth. Breastfeeding keeps those hormones going that impact on your body so a bog standard physio won’t be qualified to help you ( previous experience unfortunately informs my view on this!!)
I have learned so much from the Women’s Health Physio’s who have looked after me. Get yourself the right care. 💐
When my son was 5 months he was taking about a litre of milk a day. That’s a kilo on your chest. Not surprisingly you can get a bit of back pain….

grey12 · 19/04/2022 05:28

My doctor prescribed naproxen Wink and I'm waiting for my physio appointment

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