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Post-partum bleeding 5 weeks

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Daisym9621 · 24/01/2022 14:13

Hi everyone not sure if anyone can shed some light on my situation. I was bleeding as normal and it was next to nothing after just under 5 weeks then once I hit my 5 weeks PP I started losing red blood and it has only got heavier not enough to fill a pad in an hour no temp either. I’ve been doctors which they done an internal and said neck of womb is shut it should slow down and they’ve said if it got heavier to go to hospital which I did where they took a sample to see if any signs of infection but no luck they just said it’s probably a period but I’m worried as it’s been a week now. I know periods are completely different after a baby just wanted to know if anyone had been through anything similar as I’m lost what to do/ to even do anything. Any help would be appreciated thank you :)

OP posts:
Flutterby8 · 26/01/2022 17:05

I had something similar recently.
I had a haemorrhage following birth and had a blood transfusion. Nobody knew what caused it.
4 weeks following birth i was still bleeding, all be it a bit lighter, but then I suffered a haemorrhage which landed me back in maternity triage.
I was treated for an infection even though a swab showed no infection was present.
I haemorrhaged the once, it only filled one pad and then went back to just fresh red blood, just not as heavy.
I continued bleeding and had an ultrasound scan at 6 weeks post birth and they found that I had a chunk of retained placenta.
The hospital have actually be useless with this.
They werent bothered and said it would come out after my period (im breast feeding so could have been forever).
Spoke to my GP as not happy and they organised another urgent scan and luckily it has all passed naturally so no surgery needed.

I have now stopped bleeding 9 weeks after birth.

I dont mean to scare you but it could be a possibility. I had zero symptoms of retained tissue except bleeding.
Some people do just bleed alot post birth and and extra exercise can make it worse.
If youre not happy ask your GP to refer you for a scan to check everything is ok.

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