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Postnatal health

Episiotomy scar healing?

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gevey · 25/12/2021 21:22

TW - gross picture 🙈

So I'm 5 weeks PP recovering from a 4th degree tear and episiotomy I've had a right game with my recovery and I've been on a cocktail of antibiotics since I've been home and im just panicking as I've just pulled a stitch whilst wiping and it's bled a little

Does it look normal??

Episiotomy scar healing?
OP posts:
Em45634 · 25/12/2021 21:45

Hi, I had one 5 months ago now. It’s still not a fully healed. I actually posted on here as I was so upset with the healing after 12 weeks when the midwifes said it would be fully healed. Lots of people said it takes ages to heal and it does. Btw, all my stitches opened and the hospital does not restitch it just leave it to heal from inside out

misssunshine4040 · 25/12/2021 21:53

Have you tried bathing in salt baths? I had the same as you and I swear it was god send, soothing and healing

Bobojangles · 25/12/2021 21:56

Im not an expert but had similar in 2 previous pregnancies and it was "over granulation"

1st time I had a procedure to remove it with silver nitrate by gyny (there was a lot) and 2nd time the GP was able to do it for me (a lot less that time and I basically told her it needed doing).

Bobojangles · 25/12/2021 22:01

Btw it took 12 weeks for mine to close up 1st time round - all the stitches popped and at 5 weeks it looked a hell of a lot worse than this, so I'd not panic too much. But I would ask for someone to look at it and don't be fobbed off if it keeps giving you trouble

Verbena87 · 25/12/2021 22:11

Mine looked like that 4 years ago and has now healed so neatly I forget which side it was angled to unless I really palpate for the scar. I popped some stitches and there was a slight granular heal but luckily it resolved on its own.

My tips would be:-
*the midwife who told me it would heal in 2 weeks was a terrible awful liar.

*it should hurt a bit less every day. If not get checked for infection to see if you need different antibiotics (mine wasn’t hot, oozing or smelly so I thought it couldn’t be infected and the ever-crescendoing pain must be normal. Nope. Took 2 sorts of antibiotics to shift it as first ones kept it at bay but infection flared back up as soon as the course finished)

*daily massage with body safe oil when it’s healed really helped with residual discomfort/tightness/itching.

Hope you feel better soon, recovery post partum is an absolute marathon sometimes (I had a hell of a road back to normality too, huge sympathy)

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