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I didn't miss my baby

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Hsmum21 · 08/12/2021 15:33

I've slowly started to leave my 5 MO with family members for a few hours here and there so I can catch up with myself and have a bit of peace and quiet. I feel terrible because when I'm away from him I don't really miss him and I've started to question myself. Does that mean I don't love him? Am I a terrible mother?

OP posts:
mynameiscalypso · 08/12/2021 15:37

Not at all! It makes you a normal human being. I used to leave my DS with family for a few hours at a much younger age. I knew he was well cared for and it was important for me to have time for myself. Spending every hour of every day with a baby is not that fun. Breaks make me a much better parent.

MindyStClaire · 08/12/2021 15:37

Of course not. Do you think your partner spends the day at work pining for the baby? It's just a few hours.

Having a baby is thankless, relentless work. Nothing wrong with a few hours off - granny gets to have fun with the baby, baby gets another source of entertainment for a while and you get a break. Everyone's a winner.

TheLovleyChebbyMcGee · 08/12/2021 15:40

Nah, I don't miss my child if away for a very short time as long as I know they are being looked after.

I'm not the best parent in the world, but I love my DS fiercely and am not a bad parent, I provide for him and part of being a good parent is taking care of yourself too!

Justme10 · 08/12/2021 15:43

No it doesn't at all!
I've read threads on here with loads of people say they can't/couldn't be away from their young babies and it made me question myself.
But I love my kids and when I'm not with them I know they are with others who love them and are taking care of them properly.
I need a break sometimes to just be me and it makes me a better mum for it.

CustardCreamm · 08/12/2021 15:45

Nope, I'm the same! Babies are bloody hard work, so it's fine to need some time to yourself.

TurnUpTurnip · 08/12/2021 15:50

Mine are much older than yours but no I don’t miss them when I’m not with them, I rarely get a break if ever so it’s very much appreciated when I do!

Dontforgetyourbrolly · 08/12/2021 15:51

There's nothing to miss at that age feed , nappy , sleep repeat.
I started to miss Ds when he could sit up, clap his hands, babble and have his own personality.
Nothing to feel bad about, you need the rest

MintyCedric · 08/12/2021 15:53

I was back at work 3 days a week when DD was that age, and honestly, I loved it.

She's 17 now and all is well with our relationship.

Enjoy the time out and remember you can't pour from an empty cup.

Lacedwithgrace · 08/12/2021 16:05

That's normal! You need to take time to be you, not just mummy. You can let yourself have fun and peace and quiet without needing to feel guilt

Littlejacksmummy · 11/12/2021 09:40

I'm leaving my 2 year old and 5 month old today to go to lidl in peace today, actually excited 😂

Can't say I'll miss them too much, might even have a pointless wonder round superdrug too to stretch it out 🤣

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