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Postnatal health

Period when breastfeeding?

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blahblahblah12345678910 · 26/11/2021 12:03

I gave birth a month ago and my bleeding seemed to have stopped but the past few days I've started bleeding again. It seems different to when I was bleeding after birth, more period like. I am exclusively breastfeeding though, so is it even possible that this would be a period?

OP posts:
Willthewashingeverend · 26/11/2021 12:35

It can be a period, some people start again like clockwork. Annoying though. However as its only been a few days, I think it will probably be post-partum bleeding again. It can stop/start a bit, especially if you have been a bit more active in the past day or so. In rare cases it can come back if you still have a bit of placenta inside....if you get increasing abdominal pain, changing a pad every hour or an offensive smell then I would seek a medical review. This is quite rare though (I'm a midwife).

TurnUpTurnip · 26/11/2021 12:37

Mine started again at 5 weeks after 4 pregnancies and they were regular normal monthly periods, they never stopped, even though I ebf no formal at all, co slept all of it, still returned each time, I guessed I was just one of the unlucky ones 🤷‍♀️

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