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Postnatal health

How long to heal from open perineal wound?

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MeadowHay · 30/10/2021 11:36

2 weeks PP and still in such awful pain as a small section of episiotomy stitches came away at about 4 days PP. Doctor wasn't sure if there was an infection or not but still prescribed me two different antibiotics just in case. Have completed them, felt like pain was slowly getting a bit better but since yesterday seems worse again. Midwife checked it yesterday and wasn't concerned, just told me it will take "awhile" to heal when I asked her for a prognosis. How long is awhile? The constant awful pain is really getting to me now and I still take 3 types of pain relief every day as it is. I also have a toddler and in 2 more weeks I will have to look after her alone a few days a week too and Im so worried how on earth I will do that if I'm still in this much pain with such reduced mobility.

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hsalr · 01/11/2021 10:05


Congratulations on your baby Thanks

I had an episiotomy too , 2nd degree tear and forcep delivery , I'm currently 4 months pp. I thought I was never going to heal but I can happily say I feel 'normal' down there again. I'd suggest you use witch hazel products. I religiously used bottoms up spray and i think it contributed greatly to good healing. I also used Freda range like the witch hazel foam and liners but not so consistently. Keep using ur peri bottle and the bottoms up spray and it should eventually help things. Hope things get better for you soon x

crossstitchingnana · 01/11/2021 10:21

Oh poor you. I had a perineal test with both mine (first was a 4th degree) and I remember the pain. One MW suggested I looked at it with a mirror, and it actually helped as it wasn't as bad as I had imagined. I found resting helped (not easy I know) and a daily bath. I do remember that feeling that "it must be infected" which is why the MW suggested I looked I suppose. Good luck.

Bobojangles · 01/11/2021 10:25

All the stitches on my episiotomy opened and it took 3 months to heal. I then had a lot of granulation tissue which I needed 2 small procedures to remove. This was a particularly bad one though and probably not typical (I was seen by the hospital throughout not by my GP) but I just wanted to say 2 weeks is still very early but if it keeps being painful and dragging on for months don't let the doctors fob you off

Newmumfeb2021 · 16/11/2021 19:42

I had a second degree tear and episiotomy as well. I’m roughly 9 months postpartum. Went for gynaecologist check two weeks ago. They confirmed my stitches haven’t healed and I’m due for a corrective procedure in 3 weeks. I feel horrible! 😓

Sarah5678 · 16/11/2021 20:51

I feel you! I am 4wks pp and had episiotomy and 3rd degree tear. I am no further forward with healing. If anything, my pain is the worst it has been. I rang the hospital on Saturday and consultant checked wound. Turns out I have a haematoma and still bruised and swollen and wound is still open. Absolutely fed up, I can barely walk at times. He basically said its just going to take a long time. Partner goes back to work tomorrow and I am dreading it as I am nowhere near as well as I expected to be at this point.

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