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Postnatal health

6 week postnatal check

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spinach123 · 10/10/2021 11:59

Need a bit of advice

Our health visitor has said that she can do the 6 week postnatal check for our newborn.

But on checking the NHS website, it looks like the GP will do a very thorough assessment.

My query is - Will the HV have all the equipment/knowledge to carry out all the required checks (or) should we just go with the GP (or) should we do both HV and GP.


OP posts:
RainyDayzs · 10/10/2021 12:06

The HV will know what to do for baby.
Regarding us, I was asked about contraception, my mood etc.
Personally would want both done via GP.

spinach123 · 10/10/2021 12:27


Thanks for your response

Could you tell me if your HV visit was a one-off and then you carried on with your GP (or) did you decline the HV and carried on with the GP.

OP posts:
RavenclawsRoar · 10/10/2021 12:29

Yeah I'd think the HV would be absolutely fine for the baby but if you need anything (prescription, worried about infected stitches etc), then the GP would be the best port of call.

RainyDayzs · 10/10/2021 12:29

My HV never offered to do it tbh, this was pretty Covid though so not sure if that has something to do with it.
I was just straight in with GP, you'll need a double app if you go ahead with GP

RainyDayzs · 10/10/2021 12:29


alexio · 10/10/2021 21:37

I had babies in 2020 and 2021.
The 6 week check was carried out by both GP and HV both times.

The HV was most baby's weight, length, head lag, if they can turn head

GP full head to toe assessment of baby and some questions about how I was feeling and contraception

Kittyofwhitby · 12/10/2021 08:21

My gp was totally hopeless. Anyone could have done a better job. He glanced at my c section scar and said yes fine. He asked if I had postnatal depression. Did a few stretchy moves with my DD’s legs and sent me on my way. My mum was over visiting from Australia (this was pre pandemic—- ahh the good old days). She was appalled. Basically started on at me to move back to Australia after seeing that ! So this is a long way of me saying I’m sure it’s totally fine for a hv to do it. If on the other hand you have an amazing gp who you’d prefer to see then no harm in saying that there are some things you’d like to discuss with your gp and decline the hv.

8dpwoah · 12/10/2021 08:26

I think I had both but I can only remember the GP one to be honest as I found that more useful- although not as useful as it should have been as I didn't realise it was a double appointment and I attended for the time on my NHS app- baby's was the slot before so we were late Blush watch out for that. Felt pretty guilty!

The GP was very good and did the baby checks as well as chatting to me about the things on the list for mums which was mainly, if I remember, stitches (I knew mine weren't bothering me any more so skipped the inspection she offered to save time), mood and mental health, and contraception. Possibly pelvic floor but I was having physio for something else too so again we didn't really need to go into detail on that as it was all linked.

I can't remember what she did for the baby check but it was nothing unexpected. I can remember the HV coming round at about the same time but I think that was more measurements and a (long, mine liked to talk) chat really.

ohwerehalfwaythere · 12/10/2021 08:32

Honestly, the GP one is a waste of time. All they care about is contraception. If you can afford it has a private Mummy MOT with a woman's physio

Happyhappyday · 02/11/2021 02:01

GP was a total waste of time, she actually told me the mum didn’t need any time to be checked. It was probably the point where I most felt like I was just a vessel who gave birth. I had an infected episiotomy, PND, insomnia and it felt like she did not give one shit about me. Also told me to feed DD bottles in the middle of the night because she read her red book wrong and missed that DD had gone from the fourth to the 65th percentile in terms of wait.

If your GP is usually good, I’d go there but if it’s a big London surgery, waste of time!

SillyBry · 07/11/2021 20:49

I’ll be totally honest. Both of my 6 week checks were pretty useless.
For mum, they ask how you are emotionally and if you have contraception sorted. I had stitches with my first - they didn’t check them.
For baby, they listen to the heart, look in the eyes, check hips and spine. As long as the health visitor can do that, go ahead!

Rumples · 08/11/2021 20:01

I had my 8 week check today - same as the 6 week one but my surgery do it a bit later.

It was by the GP and I'm glad it was as I have an ongoing issue and have been referred to a specialist. A HV wouldn't have been able to do the.

From what I've heard, if you don't have any issues or don't speak up and say there is a problem then they will skirt over the mum. But she did do a thorough check of my baby.

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