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Postnatal health

Pain 9 weeks pp (tmi)

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Clioblossom · 07/08/2021 11:49

But i just need help as i feel as though I'm not getting to the bottom of it (doctors say im fine)

Gave birth 9 weeks ago - forceps and a epi (cut) and i feel fine where all my stitiches were BUT my clit is in agony. Its so sensitive and it feels like a throbbing pain. It started 5 weeks pp and then comes and goes, but when it comes its here for a week and its making me feel depressed. Ive looked and it is exposed, unlike before as it was more tucked away (not the skin around it, thats the same but the actually clit bump is exposed )

Ive looked and im sure i was cut down the side of that area as theres kind of a scar running down there, but its more to the side. Ive had antibiotic cream from doctor but it isnt making a difference.

Anyone had this and if so what was the problem and how long to remain back to normal

Thank you!!

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