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As with all health-related issues, please seek advice from a RL health professional if you're worried about anything.

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Prolonged jaundice advice

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Becca0410 · 30/07/2021 22:03


My DS will be 8 weeks on Sunday and he still has prolonged jaundice. He’s had tests to make sure there are no underlying health issues (they came back clear), but his last blood test at 6 weeks shows his levels are still at 226. They have come down from the last blood results a few weeks before that where the levels were at 287. He had light therapy when he was 5 days old, due to his levels being so high, but after these last results we’ve just been sent a letter saying if he still looks jaundice at 3 months we should contact his GP.

I am looking for advice, because 226 seems quite high to me at 7 weeks, but the hospital don’t seem too concerned. He’s alert and wee/pooping as normal, but I am worried that the jaundice could effect his health because he’s had it for so long. Am I worrying over nothing?

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TensmumT · 01/08/2021 11:09

No you're not worrying over nothing, I'm no expert but if you feel they're not listening, insist until they do. Do contact the gp, and if you feel waiting until he's 3 months is too far ahead, then act now, ask for a blood test and treatment plan if necessary. Best wishes Flowers

Lozzak21 · 11/01/2022 18:04

Just wondering how everything turned out for you and your baby. My son had prolonged jaundice tests at 14 days and his bilirubin levels came back at 230. Hospital want to re test in a week but worried levels will go up between now and then.

He hasn't had any light treatment. Just looking for some reassurance as your little ones levels sound similar to mine.

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