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Postnatal health

Visitors when baby arrives

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klouisew94 · 04/07/2021 10:35

I’m due to have my baby any day now, and I’m not planning to have an visitors until about 3-5 days after I’ve come home. I’m very weary still of the coronavirus pandemic and just wondered how I should approach family coming round to visit. I think I would feel more comfortable with visitors wearing masks and making sure they sanitise their hands before coming near the baby, but in particular, certain older relatives who have had both jabs don’t seem to understand how the vaccine works - I think they think they’re invisible but don’t understand that they can still carry the virus etc. How would you approach this?

OP posts:
HumunaHey · 04/07/2021 10:55

Just explain to thrm the baby's immune system will be very low so you'd like masks worn and hand gel used.

This is just the start though, there will inevitably many things you have to say that may be awkward in order to protect or advocate for your baby. Others may feel you are being OTT or precious, but it's your baby so you do what you feel is best.

If you have outdoor space and the weather us nice, maybe you could have visits in the garden. That might help you feel at ease.

ElderMillennial · 04/07/2021 10:59

They think they're invisible??

I posted something similar a few days ago. My baby is 2 and a half weeks old. We were in hospital a week and then relatives started asking to come over. I said I wasn't ready yet.

Now I feel more ready but I'm still wary of people passing anything on to baby.

See how you feel when you get home as there are no guarantees you'll be gone in 3 days.

BunnyRuddington · 05/07/2021 20:13

Don't worry about asking them to use masks and wash their hands, like others have said there'll be many more things that you'll probably have to broach over the coming years.

I think waiting and hopefully having any visitors outside is a good idea. I had a summer baby and most visitors were only too happy to be I the garden anyway Smile

ProcrastinationIsMySuperPower · 05/07/2021 20:53

When my youngest was born I made everyone wash their hands before they touched her, and that was 10 years ago! I also didn't have anyone to visit in the first week other than my Mum. Explain to everyone what you want to happen, and if they aren't happy to wear a face covering then they don't visit, simple. Your baby, your rules.

FridaFrog · 29/07/2021 10:15

Just remember you are mum. Don’t feel bad by saying no to people holding them either,
I just had a scare that myself and little one and dh were in contact with someone who tested positive. Luckily we both have had our first dose of jab so some antibodies are in my breast milk and we both tested negative
But if they want a cuddle wash hands and wear mask, they should understand. If not, they can’t hold them, simple!

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