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Postnatal health

Postnatal depression - help

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NewtothisFBK4921 · 11/05/2021 09:24

Hello, can someone help? I think I might have PND and don't know what to do. I called my GP this morning but they are only taking emergency appts so can't get an appt for a few weeks. I just want to feel better but don't want to pay a therapist.

I have a gorgeous 6 month old, an amazing supportive husband and a lovely house. My family are wonderful and I have kind caring friends. I want to enjoy it all.

Instead I feel tired all the time and starting to feel like I cant be bothered to do anything. Nothing seems that fun or it seems like a big effort. I'm not even that excited about lockdown ending and being able to go out with friends - I can't think what we'd all talk about after a year of nothing (usually I'm a v sociable person).

6 months into mat leave and I'm still angry about work events that happened when I was pregnant (like being promoted and made to take on a lot more pressure and work without a pay rise and forced to make colleague friends redundant due to covid). I feel like I will be made redundant myself when I'm off mat leave by the horrid American company that bought our company a couple of years ago and I know I have had maternity discrimination but subtly so I'd probably struggle to prove it. Thoughts like this whir around my head at night.

I vaguely mentioned to my husband I thought I might have a little PND but the fear in his face was so extreme I back-tracked as I don't want to scare or upset him (he has a stressful job too and I want him to be happy). Plus I'm not sure how he could help, he's amazingly supportive anyway with baby and house etc. there's not really any more he could do.

I want help, I want to feel happy, I want to forget work and just enjoy maternity leave but I don't even know where to start to get help. I don't like the health visitor and GP is a nightmare to get an appt with. What do I do?

OP posts:
linerforlife · 11/05/2021 09:31

Hi OP. I was you at around Christmas time so I know how you feel!! Call your GP practice back and has hard as it is, tell the receptionist you think you have PND and need an apt today. They will 100% call you today. I went on medication and felt like a changed person in two weeks. Please can them OP. I feel so good now, back to my old self!

NewtothisFBK4921 · 11/05/2021 09:34

Thank you. How long did you stay on the meds for? I'm a bit scared of taking anything

OP posts:
Brusselsprouts21 · 11/05/2021 09:41

I have been where you are. Put pressure on your gp and ask for a phone call with your gp. I was given medication which dramatically improved my mental health. I also done 6 months of CBT which was a big help to me. You are prioritised on the waiting list as you are within the postnatal period (1 year). You have achieved a big step today in reaching out and asking for help. Be persistent with your gp. Good luck OP Flowers

LH4VR · 11/05/2021 09:46

If you can't approach your hv then phone the doctors.

Pnd is common, and a big thing for the sufferer.

My advice - phone the doctors - ask for an appointment. I know it's really of no business to the receptionist, but she'll ask is it an emergency. You tell her you're depressed and you feel it can't wait. I'm pretty sure if they don't give you an appointment that day, it'll be one pretty close by.

You're not overreacting, and you're not 'jumping queues'. This is your sanity we're talking here.

Best wishes to you and your family. You'll get through this Flowers

linerforlife · 11/05/2021 09:52

I am still on them now as you need to take the meds for at least six months before you taper them off. I was nervous to take anything too, but honestly I would do it again in a heartbeat. It's been the best decision. I don't feel "drugged" or anything - I just feel back to my old self. Good luck OP, this is a fab first step to be taking and you'll feel so much better. You deserve to feel better!

OrangeSoda2021 · 23/06/2021 10:15

@NewtothisFBK4921 it's worthy of an emergency appointment so book one

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