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Removing c section dressing tips

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alexio · 28/03/2021 21:07

Due to remove my c section dressing tomorrow, it's a pico vac dressing.

Any tips on how to remove it causing minimal pain as it is stuck to places I wish it wasn't would be really appreciated

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HungryHippo20 · 29/03/2021 11:44

My midwife removed mine for me but I have heard taking it off in shower works well

FGSWhatNow · 29/03/2021 11:47

Yep I soaked both of mine off in the shower, it wasn't too bad.

JB86 · 01/04/2021 21:56

Definitely after or during a shower.... I pulled mine off slowly, I know it's probably more painful that way, but it was stuck to some of my scar.... Getting it wet definitely helped.

brokengate · 01/04/2021 22:05

They made me take mine off that night in the shower, absolutely fine. What was not fine was my own stupidity.
Second section and I remembered maternity pads sideways across front of pants had been comfy and protected wound. I got up and put one into underwear, in the dark, and went to sort baby. When I next went to the loo I nearly passed out, I had stuck it sticky side inShock

Yorkshirepuddingforever · 01/04/2021 22:07

Midwife removed mine but I had a lot of sticky bits still on my skin. She recommended zof wipes which I got from amazon and they were amazing, took all the glue off really easily.

Greygreenblue · 01/04/2021 22:09

The shower thing did not work for me at all. It still really really hurt. Second time around I was very very nervous about taking it off and midwife suggested using bio oil. We used olive oil, covered it in it, and it worked, was so much easier.

There is also something they use in hospitals to disolve stickiness when removing tape etc, I think you can get it at chemist. I found out about it when one of my kids was in and out of hospital

alexio · 01/04/2021 22:14

Managed to get it off in the shower the vac dressing came off much easier than the aquacell dressing I had after my 1st section. The wound has healed a lot better in the space of a week with the vac too

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