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Postnatal health

Those who gave birth recently...

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FicklePig · 21/01/2021 20:38

When you had a Covid test at the hospital, was it a rapid response test or did it take 24hrs to be returned?

OP posts:
Calty123 · 21/01/2021 23:29

I never got told the results. It wasn’t the rapid test type though, it was a proper swab in the throat and nose one. I don’t think they would only contact you if positive.

purplejungle · 21/01/2021 23:34

Back in May it was a proper swab which took 48 hours to come back - not sure recently though sorry

Gardenermumtobe · 21/01/2021 23:56

I gave birth in October, I had the test about 1am and the midwife mentioned to me the next day, about 12 hours later, that it had been negative

Crocodilian · 22/01/2021 00:12

Gave birth two months ago - did a swab around noon and it came back around 6pm.

MySafeSpace · 22/01/2021 00:14

Never got the result back, had the full nose and throat swab test

pawivy · 22/01/2021 00:25

Elcs December. Throat and nose test two days before, not rapid.

Isababybel · 22/01/2021 14:46

Gave birth last August, it took 24 hours to come back by which point id already gone home with the baby!

Gerdticker · 22/01/2021 18:41

Gave birth in November, had the swab in labour but was never told the result - presume it was negative!

m4d0 · 22/01/2021 18:50

Gave birth in November had the throat and nose swab and told few hours later it was negative

laura2109 · 29/01/2021 21:35

Never had those swab test yet, do they shove it deep? Can you decline it? If you don't have any symptoms, then is it really needed?

villamariavintrapp · 29/01/2021 23:22

I gave birth in November, they didn't test.

LouiseT12 · 01/02/2021 12:24

Gave birth 3 weeks ago and it wasn't rapid response. I didn't get results back. Midwife said they would only be in touch if it's positive.

B1rthis · 11/03/2021 01:51

Refused to consent to a swab test. Had read too many horror stories of how babies had been separated from mum until results were through etc so refused to allow my baby to be subjected to all that.

Paperyfish · 11/03/2021 03:07

Gave birth Tuesday. Had test, heard nothing. Assume I’m clear? My partner’s been on labour ward, in neonatal, on post natal (special circumstances- baby sick and me and her had to transfer hospital and they said he could be in my room) and they never tested him so seems a bit meaningless tbh.

110APiccadilly · 11/03/2021 03:23

November, swab test. Wasn't told the result (so I assume negative). DH wasn't tested at all which I found odd.

Subordinateclause · 11/03/2021 03:31

PCR but it came back really fast, about 7 hours, just as we were leaving hospital. Also had a letter in the post a couple of days later saying it was a negative result.

sarahc336 · 11/03/2021 03:34

I have birth in nov and wasn't tested or my partner. My friend gave birth in sand hospital in January and got tested and has never had her results back even to this day 🤨 x

Piccalily19 · 11/03/2021 03:58

Last month. Waters broke but no contractions, went in to confirm waters abc they booked me in for induction as back up 24 he’s later and tested me then. 24hrs later when id given birth naturally I got told “oh your test was negative”. So proper test but less than 24hrs to result

Happygogoat · 11/03/2021 04:00

Early Feb. Tested on discharge. Was told it would take 3-4 days and that I'd only hear if positive!!

Couldn't understand why it wasn't a rapid test upon arrival as surely extra precautions would be taken if positive at that point, seemed ridiculous that any staff in contact with me would only know after the event.

shouldistop · 14/03/2021 20:20

I gave birth in December. No one even mentioned a test to me. I arrived at the hospital ready to push though.

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