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Postnatal health

How long to feel better?

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H8624 · 10/01/2021 14:23

Had my little one 10 days ago and I had a long labour with ventouse and an episiotomy.

Bleeding is still going although less heavy than the first few days and I know it can go on for weeks.

It's not even the stitches that are hurting, I just feel swollen and bruised down there and it hurts when I wipe after a wee! Also where I've been wearing maternity pads they've rubbed a bit and made it sore! Just wondering how long it took you before you felt less uncomfortable/bruised? Tried a walk yesterday and couldn't get far before I was just so uncomfortable/sore.

Any tips to ease? I don't have a bath so that's not an option.

OP posts:
Gerdticker · 10/01/2021 17:36

It’s different for everyone, but it can take weeks to be comfortable and pain free

Ten days is nothing, especially after episiotomy.

I rushed back to walks way too soon after my first DD was born. I now know that a huge amount of the healing is internal and needs rest, rest and more rest. If you want to walk, go super slow, get someone else to push/carry baby, and don’t go too far.

Doing too much too soon can cause excess bleeding and put more strain on your fragile pelvic floor.

Listen to your body, enjoy moving when you feel like it but prioritise rest for a few weeks x

H8624 · 10/01/2021 20:46

@Gerdticker thanks for your reply!

Yes I know 10 days is too early, was just wondering roughly how long it takes to heal!

I miss going for walks and also sitting comfortably at home 😂

OP posts:
PurpleBettina · 12/01/2021 17:22

I was in a good bit of pain from an episiotomy until suddenly at 2 weeks it really eased off. I used the 'Spritz for bitz' spray for the first 3 weeks, it definitely helped the pain! I'm 5 weeks pp, and its still a bit uncomfortable after longer walks, but much much better!

liquoricecravings · 14/01/2021 12:32

Hi op, I had a forceps birth with an episiotomy and then tore (third degree) so I know that feeling all too well. The things that helped me were:

  • the midwife checking the stitches were healing and not being signed off from them at 10 days. I saw the midwife again at day 15 (I had to have an extra lot of antibiotics because it took longer to heal)
  • after a shower I would sit on a towel (or maternity pad from boots - like a puppy training pad) and air dry. The towel/pad protected the bedding.
  • I bought a round cushion with a hole in it from Amazon and used it everywhere - on the sofa, dining chairs, in the car if I had to go out. It took the pressure off and I found I could sit more comfortably
  • I used spritz for bits once I knew my stitches had dissolved
  • I also found maternity pads rubbed my skin after a while. I bought some reusable cotton pads and found them to be much kinder to my skin. Once the bleeding subsided I risked it at night and didn't wear a pad so my tear could have a break from being covered.

It took me about 4 weeks until I could go for a proper 30 minute walk and the pain noticeably subsided by 6 weeks. It really does get better. I'm four months pp and I feel pretty much myself again.
I hope that helps.
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