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Postnatal health

Infected episiotomy help

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ShannLD · 07/01/2021 18:20

I had my son 9 days ago by forceps delivery. They did an episiotomy.
4 days ago I was still in agony and it was leaking so they took a swab.
The day after I was in even more pain so rang my gp and they sent me to the hospital to see a gynaecologist. The wound was infected and there was an abcess.
The post natal ward in that hospital is closed so I refused to go in for surgery as I’m breastfeeding and the pain is effecting my bonding already with my son, I feel like giving up on the breastfeeding and being away from him would do some serious damage. They gave me gas and air and pulled out the stitches and drains as much as they could but couldn’t get it all.
They then gave me some antibiotic ointment, and two lots of antibiotics, and some orange antiseptic liquid.
I’m also having 3 sitz baths a day with Epsom salts and sitting on a puppy pad with no knickers 24/7 to air it all out. The pain has subsided a bit I had my first poo today without crying but sometimes it comes back really bad , I don’t think the puss lump is reducing much. Has anyone had this happen ? Didn’t you end up in surgery ? If I do have surgery will my episiotomy recovery be back to day one as I was in so much pain ? Is there anything I can do to draw the puss out ? I’m type 1 diabetic so was bound to get an infection it makes healing really slow. Sorry for the grim post. I’d just appreciate anyone’s experiences on the same kind of situation, I’m extremely stressed out and worried and scared. Thank-you In advance

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Hafannedd123 · 12/01/2021 20:14

Hi. I had this too. Episiotomy became infected day 5. Stitches open but myscle layer remained intact. Healed by secondary intention in about 6-7 weeks. Now four months on i have a line scar. I had no issues with healing and after the initial infection cleared i had no other infection then. Can still feel where the scar is now but its not pain moreso slight discomfort. I have been advised that it will take time for the scar to remodel and that the discomfort will pass. Good luck i know how grim it is and emotionaly draining.

FTEngineerM · 13/01/2021 14:25

Sorry you’re going through that, it sound really rough.

I also had forceps and episiotomy, stitches broke and opened up the butt end of the incision after a fortnight and it was also yellow and pussy.

I didn’t have surgery or anything but I just wanted you to know you’re certainly not alone and it will get better. After a week of antibiotics and airing it out it healed and I can’t even see the scar anymore. It definitely affected the first few weeks with Dc though, I have no patience when I’m in pain and good lord you need patience with a new baby.

Johnson10 · 14/01/2021 20:34

Aw bless you. That sounds horrific!! I had an episiotomy & by day 4 the stitches had broke down. The pain was unreal. Couldn’t even walk.
I did get better though. I healed by secondary intention. It can be a long process. I got caught up on this whole 6 / 8 weeks thing the NHS bang on about but it was more like 14/16 weeks. I’m now 6m pp. I’m healed. Pain free. I walk for miles with no issues & sex is absolutely fine.

Hafannedd123 · 15/01/2021 20:25

Thank you for the post Johnson10. You have given me confidence. My wound opened also on day 4/5 due to infection. Consultant said that stitches were still in the muscle layer but above layer all
Open. I also healed by secondary intention. It took six weeks for the skin to heal over and form a scar. I am now four months on and would say still healing as things are improving as time passess. No pain as such but now and again i can feel the area when i sit down. This is getting better. My scar is now a thin purple line. I have been told in time will fade to white or skin colour. I have been told by my Gp to give my body 12 months to get over this trauma and fully heal. Glad to read your comment re sex as i have been scared. Also glad to read that at 6 months you are pain free. Thanks for sharing your experience xx

Johnson10 · 15/01/2021 21:45

I do get a little tender on the scar when I have a period - no idea why. They never mentioned my muscle layer stitches being open so I’m assuming they were ok. I was terrified about sex, so scared. First couple of times were a bit uncomfortable but not painful. No problems at all now.
Glad your scare is neat. I still think mine looks like a mess haha. It’s not the prettiest, although my hubby swears it doesn’t look any different - bless him!

Hafannedd123 · 16/01/2021 06:13

@Johnson10 i have been told that the scar will shrink etc in time. The scar remodeling process takes 6-12 months so it will get better in time. I know someone else who had a complete breakdown of hers and now 1.5years later has a tiny white line scrar. Cant be that bad if hubby says its the same as before!! Good news!

Hafannedd123 · 17/01/2021 06:48

@ShannLD how are you getting on? Xx

JiltedJohnsJulie · 21/01/2021 18:49

I was just wondering how you're getting on too @ShannLD? Thanks

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