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As with all health-related issues, please seek advice from a RL health professional if you're worried about anything.

Postnatal health

Still bleeding?

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BullBailey · 28/10/2020 04:57


Is it normal to have started bleeding again 4 weeks after birth? Bright red fresh blood with some clotting? I will call the doctors tomorrow if so, but this has come on in the last two days and I can’t tell if it’s normal or not according to Dr Google, some websites say there shouldn’t be any bright red blood after the first 2 weeks?

I had antibiotics for a uterine infection a couple of weeks ago because of pain, and it all cleared up, no bleeding or pain. Now this.


OP posts:
OrDis · 02/11/2020 20:45

I’m not sure but i’m interested in hearing peoples opinions because i’m 4 weeks pp and still getting the odd small clot. My bleeding is also still pink/red, although not heavy at all- more like spotting and barely fills a pad, but the clots are concerning me slightly

BullBailey · 02/11/2020 23:42

@OrDis definitely see your GP. I’m still quite heavy and have had an infection. Now they think that my uterus is just relaxing and contracting quite dramatically, but if it’s still happening in two weeks I think I will be going for an ultrasound. Give your GP a call, better to be safe Smile

OP posts:
LoveRainbow02 · 03/11/2020 17:26

I'm 5 weeks pp. Bleeding stopped after a week, I had the implant fitted 10 days pp and I have been bleeding bright red blood every day since. It just doesn't seem to be slowing down any and I'm not sure if this is a side effect from the implant. Not having my 6 week post natal check as they arent doing them in my area at the moment.

angstridden2 · 03/11/2020 17:29

Get it checked.this happened to me many years ago and ended with a d &c as I had retained placenta and bits post birth....

susandelgado · 03/11/2020 17:53

Yes, it happened to me too, still bleeding 6 weeks after giving birth, I thought it was normal! Until I passed quite a large piece of placenta! Then it all stopped. I'd definitely get this checked op.

BullBailey · 04/11/2020 00:07

I have been to the doctors twice now, do I need to be more forceful?

My iron levels are also in the gutter and I wonder if it’s connected....

OP posts:
LoveRainbow02 · 04/11/2020 16:56

I called my gp today and they think my continuos bleeding is a side effect from having the implant fitted, however I had the implant fitted years ago and never had this issue. I have to take the contraceptive pill for 2 months without a break in the hope this will slow my bleeding. I'm not overall happy with that outcome as I feel it isnt related to the implant at all and could possibly be retained tissue.

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