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Postnatal health

Postnatal anxiety

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kellybean18 · 04/09/2020 08:00

I had DC2 two weeks ago via CSection and having major issues with feeding. We have midwives coming in or phoning every day to weigh baby/check how feeding is going and I’ve become incredibly anxious in a way I wasn’t with my first and just never imagined being this time. DC2 isn’t latching, and often struggles to take all the milk even from a bottle. I get so stressed that I have to just let DH do the feeding and I can’t relax. I’m heartbroken that breastfeeding hasn’t worked as I fed my first for 6 months but more anxious that I can’t even just bottle feed and let that be that. It’s also beginning to impact how I am with DC1 as I feel like I have to focus so so much energy on getting milk into the baby.

Every midwife I’ve spoken to has given different advice too which is making it worse, I’m getting tearful several times a day and feeling sick. I just wondered if anyone has any experience of this x

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m4d0 · 04/09/2020 08:16

I really feel for you, it's incredibly difficult when babies don't feed. I struggled with my first he would t latch and lost weight and ended up with jaundice so we went into bottles. I was really disappointed and felt a failure. He wasn't great on bottles always and found it so stressful. All I can say is it does get easier, you need to try and relax and except they take what they take but honestly I know that's almost impossible at the moment.

It will get better just hang in there.

kellybean18 · 04/09/2020 09:14

@m4d0 thank you. I’m just finding it such a shock to the system as my first was so easy and I just assumed this would be the same x

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