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I need some reassurance - think I may be pregnant 4 months postpartum!

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mama2jmf · 28/08/2020 10:28

I gave birth DS (first baby) 4 months ago. Me and my partner decided to use condoms when I'm within my fertile window (based off OPKs and multiple cycle tracking apps I used to conceive originally) and pull out when I'm not.

I am currently 5DPO (too early to take a test) but have experienced the exact same symptoms as my first pregnancy (cramps, pinching pains, slight breast tenderness etc) for the last couple of days. I'm aware it could be nothing as I'm still 'recovering' from first birth less than 6 months ago.

It means my babies would be 13 months apart, I really need some reassurance from people who've been in a similar position - babies close together? Similar time between pregnancies?

Just some motivation that if I were pregnant I would be able to cope and not pull my eyeballs out due to stress! Sad

OP posts:
lucy2204 · 28/08/2020 13:28

@mama2jmf hey hun I fell pregnant just about 6months pp an I love the gap between my two I woundnt say its hard I'd say its tiring 😂even though pregnancy I was exhausted and still am now, my 2nd child is 1 and my third is 12 weeks so early days but the bound they have/will have will be great!, as long as you have help(so you can sleep) I wouldn't worry! Xx

lucy2204 · 28/08/2020 13:28

Oh and goodluck and congratulation if you are! ❤️

mama2jmf · 28/08/2020 13:38

@lucy2204 thanks for your reply! Aww that's reassuring that you love the gap between them ❤️ I just worry with how tiring it can be with 1, nevermind 2 babies 😂 either way I know it wouldn't be possible if it weren't doable! Thanks again. I'll update this post next week when I should be able to tAke a test xxx

OP posts:
lucy2204 · 28/08/2020 13:50

@mama2jmf just think of it, that they will always have a best friend!, 🤞you get the result you want xx

YouCantBeSadHoldingACupcake · 28/08/2020 14:25

I fell pregnant when dd1 was 10 weeks old. Ds1 was born 2 weeks before dd turned 1. It really wasn't much harder than having one baby to be honest, I found a 2 year gap much harder to manage than these two being close together

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