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rhixo · 21/08/2020 18:16

I'm just wondering about the compression stockings I have to wear.

What do I do when I shower? do I take them off and then quickly put them back on??
Any help would be great as I'm so lost

OP posts:
Chezacheza · 21/08/2020 18:17

Yes. Your legs won’t explode if you take them off for a short while. Bugger to get on though!

Satstar · 22/08/2020 23:28

I would take them off for around half an hour before my shower just to enjoy not having them on for a while. Take them off,shower then my husband would put them on for me around half an hour after my shower. Sometimes I showered Twice a day. As long as you have them on at night and during g the day if not very mobile you will be fine

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