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Postnatal health

Post c-section bladder problems

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Mamabear04 · 17/08/2020 22:11

I am 9 months post partum after having a c-section. The operation went as well as it could and my recovery relatively normal however on my second night in the hospital my baby cluster fed from 11pm until 6am when a midwife took her and gave her a bottle so I could 'get a rest before breakfast came round at 7am' Hmm during night 2 I was petrified of falling asleep and smothering my LO so the midwife set me up on my side so I could co sleep and BF my baby and not worry about falling in and out of sleep. My c-section was agony but I was focused on my baby to think of myself until the next day when I was in agony and exhausted. Long story short I think lying on my side so soon after the c-section maybe moved my bladder and now if I sleep on my left and side I constantly wake up needing the toilet. The past week I also seem to have lost the sensation of needing to go for a pee. I dont feel any pressure I just feel a bit sick. Does anyone else have any experience of this? Is it worth seeing a GP or will they just tell me this is my life now and get used to it?

OP posts:
Willow4987 · 17/08/2020 22:14

I’ve not heard of this but 100% go and see your GP and ask for a referral to a consultant.

Do not get fobbed off

So many women experience various pelvic floor, bladder/bowel issues post birth that are either too embarrassed to discuss or batted away by health professionals as ‘part of having a baby’. It doesn’t have to be and you just need a supportive doctor to help you

Good luck op!

Mamabear04 · 17/08/2020 22:15

I should also say that my bladder never feels empty. I can go for a pee and then need 5 mins later and then again in 5 mins after that even if I wait to make sure all the pee is out by pressing my tummy. Sorry for all the info!!!

OP posts:
YoBigMomma · 17/08/2020 22:17

You need to go to your GP tomorrow. Losing the ability to know when you want to go for a wee is wrong and needs to be investigated urgently. Is your back ok?

And when you say you need to wee every 5 mins do you actually wee again.. dribs and drabs so to speak? When you go to get off the toilet does any more wee come out when you're not expecting it to?

Sorry.. 20 questions!!

cantstopsinginglittlebabybum · 17/08/2020 22:29

I have this op. 17 months post cesarean.

If I lean forward when I need to pee, I wet myself. I can't drink on car journeys because of the constant feeling of needing the toilet and needing to use the toilet.

I haven't been to the GP about it and I don't plan to.

FirstTimeMother88 · 18/08/2020 07:00

Omg I have this. I'm 10 months pp and I have no urge to pee whatsoever.
Seeing consultant and all they said is pelvic floors and I've had a bladder scan to ensure emptying. They think I've got nerve damage due to big baby but I'm sure it's the epidural.

user1493413286 · 18/08/2020 07:04

I’m not sure it’s due to lying on your side after having your baby but definitely go to the GP; you don’t have to put up with these things. I would try to see a female GP; in my experience they don’t just see these things as part of having a baby
@cantstopsinginglittlebabybum just out of curiosity what makes you not plan on seeing a doctor about it?

TeddyIsaHe · 18/08/2020 07:08

Referral to the urologist/gynae dept at your local hospital. Just go in and ask for that, don’t let your gp fob you off with anything else. Don’t leave until they’ve written the referral. I’ve found you just have to be completely blunt and firm when it comes to things like this.

@cantstopsinginglittlebabybum Why don’t you want to get it sorted? You don’t have to live like that.

cantstopsinginglittlebabybum · 18/08/2020 09:27

When I went to my birth reflections meeting I mentioned it, they told me it happens after having a large baby, that it's one of these things and I should have done my pelvic floor muscles.

I left feeling deflated and embarrassed and I don't want to go to GP because they will probably tell me the same thing.

TeddyIsaHe · 18/08/2020 09:59


When I went to my birth reflections meeting I mentioned it, they told me it happens after having a large baby, that it's one of these things and I should have done my pelvic floor muscles.

I left feeling deflated and embarrassed and I don't want to go to GP because they will probably tell me the same thing.

That is utter bollocks. Women having large babies never need to suffer incontinence and put up with it.

Please go see a dr and demand a referral, there are things that can help.
Mamabear04 · 18/08/2020 10:32

@willow4987 thanks for the support. I just feel like if I go to the doctor they will be like "that's womens problems for you" and just tell me to deal as like you said - so many women go through birth. I didnt even have any after care post c-section - not even to tell me not to walk up and down stairs for a while and I live in a flat Hmm

OP posts:
Mamabear04 · 18/08/2020 10:41

@YoBigMomma I always pee a bit when I go 5 mins later (more than a dribble but not a full pee) but I've never had any accidents because of it. My back is totally fine but sometimes it gets a bit achy after sleeping on my back all night...

@FirstTimeMother88 my baby was average size (7lbs 8.5oz) and I still have this!

@TeddyIsaHe can you call my GP for me? Grin

@cantstopsinginglittlebabybum I totally understand where you are coming from. It's not right that they have made you feel like that. It's not your fault at all. This is why I've put off seeing a GP because I think they will tell me the same thing!

OP posts:
FirstTimeMother88 · 18/08/2020 10:44

It's awful worrying isn't it, some days it consumes me.
My urologist is aware of me and hopefully I'll see them soon but from what the nurses have told me, there's not much they can do? I'm petrified of having to self catheterise in a few years although I'm emptying fine at the moment... it's just numb. It's crazy.
If you would like to have a chat or a moan please feel free to private message me... I've been on here for 10 months looking for other people with this problem... it's kinda reassuring that I'm not the odd one x

Willow4987 · 18/08/2020 10:53

Unfortunately some GP’s will respond like that OP. it’s not acceptable or something you have to put up with though

Go in and ask for a referral. Be strong and stand your ground. I know it’s hard. I’ve been there myself but unless you push the issue it’s very easy to be fobbed off

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