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Postnatal health

Help me to feel grateful!

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Dcacau · 09/07/2020 11:37

My DD is nearly 8 months old and as much as I hate to admit it I'm finding it a struggle. The problem is I shouldn't be. Shes quite a good sleeper at night (touch wood) so I could def have it I feel bad for feeling like it's hard. I should be smashing it like others who are running on less sleep than me. I just find I'm not really enjoying this time...I'm kind of wishing it away...limping from 1 nap time to the next until bed time. I know this makes me terrible and ungrateful...and I panic because if I'm struggling now, how on earth would I cope if she becomes harder!? I just feel rubbish. Lazy. Ungrateful. I read on here about other mums with far less sleep or support. Help me see how lucky I am so I can enjoy what I have. X

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andtellyouofmydreaming · 09/07/2020 20:24

Hello! I don't think it helps comparing to others... It doesn't matter whether your baby is 'easy' or 'difficult', it still matters how you feel.

What do you enjoying doing with your baby? Can you find something, whether it's reading a book, going for a walk, playing with saucepans or whatever and factor that into each day?

When I feel like you do I try and do the opposite of what I'm feeling and really focus on my baby and give her some undivided attention or playing and it really helps.

andtellyouofmydreaming · 09/07/2020 20:36

(sorry I don't mean that to sound smug at all but on re-reading worried it comes across like that!! I just meant that sometimes when I feel like that I find what helps is either over focussing on my children basically doing the opposite of how I feel! Sounds bizarre but works for me. Or doing something that is also for me, like a coffee in a cafe or seeing a friend)

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