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Postnatal health

Armpit lump - breastfeeding

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Mummyspider27 · 03/07/2020 03:09

During pregnancy I noticed a lump in my armpit and read it would be a swollen lymph node etc. My newborn is 2/3 days old and my milk is already in, the armpit lump has swollen right up to the size of a brussel sprout.... should I be worried? X

OP posts:
Funnyface1 · 03/07/2020 23:17

I didn't breast feed but when my milk came in I had a lump the size of an egg in one armpit. Midwife checked it and said it was a blocked duct and shouldn't cause a problem. She said it would go down on its own and I could encourage that by gently massaging it in the shower.

It did go down and was fine but as I wasn't breastfeeding my milk obviously dried up. I don't know if this would continue to be a problem if you're breastfeeding and continuing to produce milk.

GrumpyHoonMain · 03/07/2020 23:19

You should get it checked out. It could be an abcess too.

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