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Hip pain after birth - SPD?

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LillianFullStop · 11/06/2020 14:43

I'm 10 days post partum after an ELCS and the last couple of days I've noticed hip pain similar to what I had in third trimester. Quite possible it was probably sore straight after birth but I was keeping up the painkillers to recover from the section. I'm down to just paracetamol now mostly so I think that's probably I'm only just noticing the hip pain.

I don't recall having this with my first baby has anyone gone through anything similar? I'm just wondering if it's a normal post natal thing or if I have something else going on.

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Bramshott · 11/06/2020 14:53

Without wanting to worry you, please do keep and eye on it and mention to your midwife as it COULD be a DVT. I had one with DD1 and it first presented itself as hip pain at about 10 days post-partum which is classic timing for a post-natal DVT. With mine I saw the GP who measured my legs around the calf (measuring and marking to make sure it was the same distance down from the knee on each side) and noticed that the leg with the pain was starting to swell because of the reduced blood flow.

Congratulations on your new arrival!

LillianFullStop · 11/06/2020 15:18

Hi @Bramshott thanks for the tip I'll definitely keep an eye on it today. Funnily it was my left leg that had suspected DVT (swelling more than the right) - had higher dose enoxaparin for 2 days until I could get the ultrasound done to rule out DVT.

Hip pain now is on the right side. I suspect I've been favouring the right leg because of the swollen left leg so I'll see how I go today after some rest. I was in hospital yesterday walking about between departments so definitely overdid it with the walking around.

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