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Postnatal health

9 months post forceps/3rd degree tear

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AnxiousFTM · 06/06/2020 00:11

I had my daughter just over 9 months ago now, traumatic birth which I’m still recovering from physically and mentally. 80 hr back to back labour ending in forceps and a 3rd degree tear.
At my hospital follow up appt at 10 weeks I was examined and told I have a mild bladder prolapse and have been seeing a womens health physio ever since, though in all honesty I haven’t noticed much improvement.
I don’t really get the tampon falling out feeling that alot of people mention, more like a feeling of something rubbing (but very low down) I especially notice it when I lean forwards/backwards or sit down/stand up, sometimes when I walk. Its driving me mad as its a constant reminder that things arent normal down there although I can’t specifically pinpoint where exactly feels uncomfortable. I also get a tingling feeling around my urethra/front pubic area.
I’m not even sure if this is the prolapse I can feel, if its the internal scar rubbing or maybe even the prolapse pressing against the scar? My physio just says to carry on with the pelvic floors and use coconut oil on my scar, but I hate touching it down there now.
Has anyone else felt like this 9 months on? If it was ging to improve surely it would have done so by now. I’m just not sure where to turn, do I go privately to see another physio or gynae? Thanks

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welshgirl20 · 07/06/2020 12:54

Hope you're okay x

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