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Postnatal health

Anxiety through the roof

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MisschanandelerBong · 01/06/2020 13:25

I recently had my first baby. She will be 6 weeks tomorrow. I had her in the middle of this pandemic lockdown and had a very traumatic birth.
I am really struggling with my anxiety. To be more honest. It's full on panic most of the day everyday.
The virus lockdown is damaging my mental health. I'm angry and tired and so worried all of the time. I know everyone in same boat but I am a nervous wreck having a newborn and not having health visitor available or a normal family support system at this time. Some times in the day it's so overwhelming and I can't seem to get out of this very dark place in my head.
Has anyone any help to cope with the lockdown/virus fear? I'm hanging on by a thread.
I don't want to start sertraline again. I resent the fact that this pandemic will be the reason I'm back on them again.

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Poppy1989 · 11/11/2020 21:08

I'm sorry no one replied to you. Especially at a time when you already feel low and sad.

Hope I can help, feel free to chat with me.
It's such an awful time to have anxiety and any type of depression. Congratulations on your baby, hope your both doing good. Having no family or friends aloud to visit or be there at such an important time must be so hard for you! Please make sure that if you really need someone to be there for you, that you do though! Your own mental health is so important and has to come first.
Are you feeling any better now? I know how overwhelming a new born can be, but to do it whilst the world is confusing is harder.
Be proud of how well your doing! X

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