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Postnatal health

Refashioning and TTC

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10togduvet · 12/04/2020 17:02

I'm 8 months pp, had a 3rd degree tear with surgical repair but have been left with some ongoing incontinence issues which I'm receiving physio for. I've also got an odd bit of tissue where I was stitched up - only sore when we have sex and swells up from time to time. My GP was perplexed as to what it is, but been referred for a gynae appointment. Unfortunately I've been on the waiting list for a long time and now coronavirus is going on I doubt I'll be seen any time soon. My GP and physio both think I'll need surgical repair, potentially a refashioning but obviously won't know until I see the gynae.
We wanted to start TTC when my DD turned 1 (thinking id at least have seen the gynae by then) as me and DH aren't getting any younger (35).
Has anyone TTC whilst waiting for a refashioning, what does it involve? I don't want to wait to TTC if it's something that's simple to resolve, but also not sure if it could be dangerous to potentially fall pregnant with an ongoing gynae day issue. Any thoughts?

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10togduvet · 12/04/2020 21:12


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