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Postnatal health

Craddle cap

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QueenBeex · 08/03/2020 12:55

Don't actually know where to post, can someone recommend me the best stuff to use for craddle cap please?

OP posts:
Strandliv · 08/03/2020 12:55

Dentinox was the only thing that worked on DS but it still took months.

hiptobeasquare · 08/03/2020 12:57

Dentinox worked for us.

Spam88 · 08/03/2020 13:00

It doesn't do them any harm, just leave it be.

NoRoomInBed · 08/03/2020 13:13

I honestly do believe its itchy for them. I used scalp oil and coconut oil every 2 days leave on for as long as you can stand it. Wash it off with a gentle shampoo and use a soft bristled brush after gently. Can take a while.

TerribleCustomerCervix · 08/03/2020 13:16

Dentinox worked instantly for us with DS. We still have the original bottle I bought when he was two months old, and he’s 1 now. I use it occasionally when he gets some flakes and it’s v effective.

HappyPunky · 08/03/2020 13:19

I used aveeno wash then rinsed out and rubbed in some aveeno cream. Oil didn't work on DD

BigusBumus · 08/03/2020 13:21

I got rid of my baby's cradle cap by using Dentinox and then when its all soft after a bath vigorously (but gently) brushing it off with a soft baby brush like This one It just flakes away then.

Grandmaok · 08/03/2020 13:24

Another vote for dentinox but it can take time depending on how lizard-like the scalp is.

Chrysanthemum5 · 08/03/2020 13:26

I used olive oil on a natural sea sponge it gave a gentle exfoliation. Once it was gone I used the sponge with water to keep the scalp clear

MotherOfAllNameChanges · 08/03/2020 13:41

Olive oil

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