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c-section wound still not healed 2 months pp

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heysaturdaysun · 24/02/2020 03:55

I guess I’m not particularly looking for heavy medical advice since I’m still having my wound seen to on a daily basis by the district nurse.

However I am starting to get very down about the fact that my wound is still not closed and seems to be getting infected every other week. I had an appointment yesterday and was told that it was infected for the third time - I finished my last course of antibiotics last Wednesday! Confused

Has anyone had a similar c-section recovery? I’m just so tired of being in pain and still not being able to function as normal. The worst part is now it has been two months everyone expects me to be back to my old self - yet some days I’m in the same amount of pain as if I’d had the surgery done the day before.

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somedayillbesaturdaynite · 24/02/2020 04:08

Hang on in there! My wound kept reopening until 17wks pp with repeated infections. Eventually a piece of undissolved suture surfaced and it healed. Ds is 14 now and I had another dc a year after by Cs with none of the same issues. Looking back, I honestly believe I was a bit too stubborn to rest up properly the first time too. Ignore others who expect you to be healed and be as kind to yourself as if it was yesterday. Good luck x

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