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Recurring blocked duct - is this normal?

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RMarieClaire · 22/01/2020 16:18

We're weaning our 7mo and she has dropped a milk feed in the day and spread her others out. In less than 3 weeks the same (I think) milk duct has become blocked 5 times! I always feed first of that side and massage it in the shower. Is this normal? The lump is always huge - size of a peach - and so blooming painful!

I don't want to stop BF until she's a year but I can't keep going through this.

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Duggeeismysaviour · 22/01/2020 20:56

Take lecithixn, it was a have changer for me with first dc, and having taken it from day one this time, no problems so far... Its a natural supplement and was recommended by a lactation consultant

Duggeeismysaviour · 22/01/2020 20:56


Kittywampus · 22/01/2020 21:03

I had a repeatedly blocked duct when my ds was a newborn. I almost got rid of it a few times only for it to come back. I finally got rid of it by persevering with the same things as you, plus feeding in different positions.

Apparently it is best to position the baby's chin towards the blocked duct as that is where the milk will be taken from first. My blockage was on the outside of my boob so that meant holding ds in the 'rugby ball' hold, the opposite way around to how I would normally feed. I have no idea how scientific that advice was but it seemed to do the trick for me.

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