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Postnatal health

Sepsis & Nec Fasc

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LittleLadysMama · 27/12/2019 23:35

Any other mums here have experience of post c-section sepsis or nec fasc? Or both if you were extremely unlucky, like me?
I know it's extremely rare but I'd love to hear from any other mums who have gone through this as I feel very alone in this recovery.

OP posts:
Mum7b · 01/01/2020 19:24

Oh @littleladysmama I am so sorry you had to experience this and feel so alone. It’s difficult finding someone you can talk to who has been through it. I developed sepsis after the birth of my son 11 months and thank goodness my husband spotted the signs and took me in for treatment. I have been up and down on emotional rollercoaster and feel I lost so much time with my little boy as even though I was responded well to treatment I had secondary infections on and off for about 5 months it took so much out of me. I am now only starting to feel like it’s ok but then I feel unwell think oh my goodness I am goi f to get really ill again. Any way I am here to chat just message me. Where are you located I volunteer as a peer support for a mums group they are all fantastic.

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