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Any other insomniac mums here?

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RMarieClaire · 23/12/2019 11:13

Posted in Sleep but think this may be more appropriate here. Just looking for some support really

My LO is 6mo and in past month I've had bouts of terrible insomnia - at its worst lasting a week. My daughter is a good sleeper - generally only waking once a night - it's me that's the issue. Last night I went to bed at 9.45 - read till 10.15 - then didn't sleep till 2.30 only for LO to wake me at 3.15am.

I've tried lavender baths, valerian, drowsy antihistamines - nothing works. CBD oil helped a bit with anxiety but not necessarily with actual sleep.

I've heard it's not uncommon but I feel so alone as none of my Mum-friends have experienced this. I'm struggling to cope in the day and now dreading Christmas and having to pretend to be cheerful.

OP posts:
Kelroc · 23/12/2019 22:28

This is me!!! Add in sweats though. I’m thinking it might be hormonal. I’ve been like this since my DD was born 7 months ago.

RMarieClaire · 24/12/2019 07:21

@Kelroc ah I had the sweats in the first few months - horrible!

Last night I went to bed at 8.30 as I'd only had 2 hours the night before. Fell asleep at 1.30 and baby woke at 2.30. Have had a few tears this morning - now i need coffee

OP posts:
Londongirl03 · 29/12/2019 11:50

I’m in the same position, except my baby is 5 months and has been sleeping through since 3 months. I had a bad birth and was in hospital for a week after due to medical reasons. Had to take a small dose of zopiclone when home to get a bit of sleep as I was so wired. It got a bit better naturally and then when my son started sleeping through it came back with a vengeance. I had another short course of zopiclone which helped whilst I was taking it. Has been getting a bit better but this week has been horrendous. I have tried liquid nytol, rescue remedy spray and night nurse (when I had a cold) but nothing seems to help much. Last night I didn’t get to sleep till past 3am :(
I’ve seen the GP who ordered blood tests but they came back ok. Now have an app in 2 weeks again!

RMarieClaire · 29/12/2019 20:58

@Londongirl03 that sounds awful. My daughter was also sleeping through, but then at 5 months we had a regression. She only wakes once a night though, but since the regression my sleep has gone haywire. I tried zoplicone and it worked but because she needs a feed at 3am sometimes I only want to take it when I'm desperate. At the moment I'm taking drowsy antihistamines and a couple of drops of CBD oil at around 8.30 every night.

I have no words of advice only that you're not alone. I've found it difficult talking to people as none of the mums I know have experienced this and many of them know my daughter sleeps well so probably don't really get it. There's nothing more agonizing than watching her sleep and not being able to. I've now moved her to another room - earlier than I felt ready - because my tossing and turning was disturbing her.

Would be interested to hear what your doctor says. I have an appointment next week.

I hope tonight is better for you!

OP posts:
Londongirl03 · 30/12/2019 11:56

@RMarieClaire last night was slightly better. I took a Sominex tablet at 2300 and wasn’t asleep by 0030 so came downstairs to read. Dozed on sofa and then had broken sleep back in bed till 0700. Unfortunately the antihistamines seem to have stopped working on me which is odd as I haven’t used them frequently!
Moved my son to his nursery last night so maybe that will help?! X

Londongirl03 · 30/12/2019 11:57

Also - feel exactly the same as my son is sleeping well and other mums I know babies aren’t!

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