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Postnatal health

When to start fast walking/ jogging again?

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jpclarke · 30/11/2019 10:52

I am 4 weeks post c section, and I would love to start back doing something other than just a stroll around. I have lost as much weight as I am going to now and need to start tackling my weight again as I am between clothes. Mat jeans are too big but my own clothes are not fitting yet, don't really want to go buying clothes in sizes I won't need.

OP posts:
Redhorss · 30/11/2019 23:46

Hi. Im 3 months post c section and have only just started doing more ( riding my horse and a bit of gym work) Its so important to give your internals time to heal.

Murfs · 01/12/2019 20:03

I went gentle at the gym from 6 weeks and did couch to 5k from 12 weeks. It was frustrating wanting to get back into it sooner but not feeling healed enough. But walking everywhere with the stroller helped lose a bit. My bump took a while to go down though so I was still in mat jeans til 3 months PP.

Weathergirl1 · 05/12/2019 19:39

4 weeks today for me. I got back on my turbo trainer (road bike) two days ago. Very gently for 10', and again last night. Still low watts (90 when I'm usually on 120 for an hour!) and watching HR. My abs aren't being used though in that position (and certainly not compared to the hideous cough I had in hospital straight after the section 😳). Not going to cycle this evening as I'm tired (I feel more restricted by low haemoglobin than my abs to be honest) but mentally I needed to start moving again - we've been going out for short walking trips for a coffee since LO was 9 days old.

Greenmarmalade · 05/12/2019 19:42

Do gentle walking only for a while, and short distances. I bled heavily and slowed my recovery by trying to do too much walking too soon. I’d wait til at least 6 weeks, but wouldn’t jog til 8.

Weathergirl1 · 05/12/2019 19:43

PS: I've been using Belly Bandit wraps and I think those have really helped me feel supported and healing well.

puds11 · 05/12/2019 19:45

Christ! Please be careful people! I’ve just started at 5 months post c section and was told to wait until 6 months. It’s a major surgery and takes a long time to heal.

Greenmarmalade · 05/12/2019 19:45

I’d buy a few outfits. It’s an unsettling in between period, and postnatal bodies are hard to deal with sometimes, but rushing to fit into your old clothes can be unnecessary stress. Your body may also have changed a bit. I hold onto some weight until about 10 months when breastfeeding, but I know everyone is different.

puds11 · 05/12/2019 19:46

Jogging at 8 weeks seems barmy!!

Greenmarmalade · 05/12/2019 21:08

I think a light, short jog at 8 weeks would be fine. 20 minutes or so. I’ve had 3 csections and had various different healing times and experiences. I think going slowly heals you more quickly though.

Greenmarmalade · 05/12/2019 21:09

Pushing a twin buggy up a hill and carrying a toddler after 6 weeks was enough for me!

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