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Postnatal health


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Raven94 · 15/10/2019 22:20


So suffering with piles again, also have a tear which isn't helping thought the had gone a couple of days ago, must of been extremely constipated cause the pain when going again was very bad. Struggling to find relief from them it's been nearly two weeks of this. Doctor gave me vagisil and I didn't realise you could use it on Internal ones(especially as no applicator). Dreading every bowl movement. Taking fybrgel and trying to get up more which isn't much as I'm breastfeeding my daughter who's five weeks old. Don't know what to do, I have several haemorrhoid creams the doctors also gave me and I don't think any have worked so far. Also running around after my three year old so I dont have time for the pain.

Any advice?

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Ellam86 · 16/10/2019 04:13

I had similar problem, I had an episiotomy and piles, I'm 10 wpp and only just seeming to go round the corner with it. My dr gave me anusol with hydrocortisone. Plaster it on in and out a few times a day. It is awful I feel your pain. It's the last thing you need when you've got kids etc. Hope it helps x

Raven94 · 17/10/2019 20:44

Thanks for the advice :) They gave me that too stuff too, didn't seem to really have any affect. I had that with my first hope yours heals up soon and your piles go quick. I tore the front during birth then a couple of weeks after manged to tear my bottom so I'm keeping up with all the fybrgel stuff too. Will try the other two creams again x

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Funnyface1 · 17/10/2019 22:18

Milk of magnesia is really good at making your poo the right consistency so that you don't strain and make the piles worse. It's also brilliant for helping to heal fissures.

You can get it in the supermarket with the medicines, it's in a royal blue bottle. I've had all types of bum trouble so have my sympathy. Honestly, try it. A spoonful at night and build up more if you need it.

Raven94 · 23/10/2019 23:14

Will give it ago, thank you Smile

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