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Postnatal health

PND???? Help!!!!

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Becnog · 19/08/2019 17:52

I have a LG almost one. I love her to pieces and most days we get along fine. When she was 4months I was forced to stop breastfeeding (allergies) and I found it very tough. My hormones were all over the place and I felt so down do my GP prescribed Lexopro antidepressants for a few weeks. I was fine but have had many overwhelmed moments since. I have no help most days as husband runs own business and is gone until 7 6 days a Week (no other family to help). This causes me to be overwhelmed, exhausted and down on occasion. My problem is more my anger, I am not an angry or aggressive type of person however I have moments every few weeks out of nowhere when I become irrationality enraged, usually set of by something silly like LG refusing food or nap. I scare myself on these moments as I shout at her! I'd never hurt her but I get upset by the fact I upset her and my anger seems to get more extreme every time it happens. Today I broke the kitchen bin in pure frustration as I had upset her.......this is so out of character for me and I have spent the day in tears it possible this could be PND or is something else happening to make me like this?! I hate myself when it happens but feel like I can't stop it. Any help appreciated!

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bondidreamer · 19/08/2019 19:30

I could have written this not long ago. I've had horrendous bouts of rage since having DCs (youngest now 14 months). Smashed our tv at the lowest point Blush Totally uncharacteristic. Definitely linked to TOTM in my case, it was like off the scale PMS. After googling and reading MN I started taking Agnus Castus and vit B6 (100mg) a few months ago. Early days but it's made a huge difference as far as I can tell. At least I've not flipped my lid since, and I feel a lot calmer and in control.

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