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Postnatal health

Sweaty Mama exercise classes

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newmomof1 · 04/08/2019 07:42

Has anybody tried these classes? Are they any good?

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newmomof1 · 04/08/2019 19:13


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Middledistancerunner · 08/08/2019 11:53

Seen them advertised but have never been.
Clicked on your thread because I’d also like to know!

GooglingThrough · 09/08/2019 13:53

I went to one as I'm desperate to get back to the gym but my LO is less keen on me leaving him with anyone for me to get to a class

I'd say the Sweaty Mamma classes are good as a really gentle / easy way into doing something. I found it a bit too easy and didn't really feel like a workout. But depends what your initial fitness levels are, I guess

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