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Overwhelmed 4 months in

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Wingingitmum2019 · 04/06/2019 00:05

I feel mad that its midnight, my daughter is sleeping and I am on here..
I have a 4.5 month old who is a very good sleeper and allround easy baby but I have suddenly started to feel overwhelmed. I cry when I am stressed. I feel like I am useless. I feel really alone and my husband just doesnt understand me but Im not sure I understand myself. I dont think I have PND but wasnt sure if anyone else feels like me?

OP posts:
SeaToSki · 04/06/2019 01:40

That sounds rough. It wouldnt surprise me if you have a touch of pnd, but also new mother adjustment blues(my own made up term). It can be ok for the first few months while everything is new and you are learning a lot but then the reality of everyday life having changed forever can set in, and it becomes all a bit much. Do you have much rl support, can you talk to your dh/dp about how you are feeling? Really try to get out and do something most days, it helps to mix things up

Poppy1774 · 04/06/2019 09:09

I could have written this a month ago. Strangely, it was when my baby started sleeping properly (around the same age as yours) that I suddenly felt totally overwhelmed. I think its normal but at the same time you need to not feel alone. Babies are lovely but not exactly the most stimulating company so you need to get out and chat to other adults. Are there any mother and baby coffee groups near you? I joined one and went every week come rain or shine and it made such a big difference. I didn't make any very close friends, but just people to have a nice chat with whilst our babies rolled around on the floor made me feel far less alone.
Also there are things like baby massage, baby be honest I'm not sure how much the baby gets out of them but the main reason to go is to meet other mums!
Honestly the feeling will pass, but do ask for help and go out at least once a day. You're not useless. Flowers

Wingingitmum2019 · 06/06/2019 21:39

Thank you so much for both of you responding. Its been a tough week and its nice to know Im not alone. X

OP posts:
Tayel · 26/06/2019 18:52

Are you really tired? (I know its a stupid question when you have a baby! Were all so tired) but I find I have my worst days when im really tired.
Can you ask someone to have baby over night and get a full rest? Even if baby sleeps through. You then wont have to listen out subconsciously.
Have you spoke to other family members about how your feeling? That helps a lot.
Accept and ask for help and support
Its hard mama! Its so bloody hard but youve got this!!

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